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public view. well, 11:00. we want to welcome our 11:00 viewers. >> on early because of the giants game here on nbc bay area. we begin with new information. he vanished on vacation. a northern california teenager never returned home after a retreat in peru. tonight, a drug is linked to his death. a ritual leader is accused of covering it up. we bring in nbc bay area's cheryl herd joining us to night with the story. cheryl? >> reporter: it will be a homecoming surrounded by controversy. at tonight's football game, at the high school, a people read about the death of kyle nolan. blake hamilton knew hem. >> it is really unfortunate. and sad to lose somebody from the community. >> reporter:en a community far away from the peruvian jungle,
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is where is this shaman. he want to participate in a ritual, where participants drink, a brew that is part of a spiritual experience in the amazon basin. looking at youtube video of the drug and how it is prepared. >> i also don't think it was the smartest idea for him to be taking substances like from a shaman in south america. >> that's what peruvian officials say the 18-year-old did. nolan is a triplet. his brother, pictured here between his siblings told me tonight that his parents knew kyle was going to the center, which is located about 530 miles east of lima in the jungle, in the peruvian amazon basin that borders brazil. kyle saved his money to take the trip. when he dent come home on august 26th. his pruts traveled to peru to
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try to find him. she passed out fliers to the locals. >> it's look he vanished. there is just no seen of him anywhere. >> reporter: kyle's father said that he looked his son's mother in the eye and said kyle seemed despondent and left the center. heave later confessed to burying kyle and led police to the grave. the shaman told authorities that the teenager died as a result of an overdeuce of the hallucinogenic brew. kyle's father told press democrat that his son drank what he was given. this death is being investigated by peruvian authorities. live, cheryl herd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. we are following a developing story. santa clara county sheriffs deputies found a dead body at a campground. they say a man's body was found at the campground on big basin way, at sanborn road and are not
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sure if the man was victim of homicide or committed suicide. at this time, they are not releasing his name. the search is on. police trying to track down the gunman who killed a 7-eleven clerk. tonight, friend, neighbors and customers gathered to pay their respects to the man they affectionately called mo. live from the location tonight, george? >> reporter: that is right. three robbers have not been caught. tonight dozens of people came out to pay their respects for this 7-eleven clerk, shot and kill last weekend. and also sent out a message for the suspects to turn themselves in. they held up signs, some saying, stop violence. many didn't even know the man's full name. most called him "mo" for this 7-eleven customer, mo's smiling face was the first thing she saw every morning when she came in for her coffee. >> once you seep the face. it's not there any more. back of your mind you know what
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happened. it is really sad. it's very sad. and you know i miss him. >> police are looking for three men who shot and killed mo. detectives say the robbers came in wearing hoodies, armed with handguns. loyal customers are calling for the men to turn themselves in. >> gentlemen, if you had the courage to come in here with a gun. have courage enough to turn yourselves in. confess you did and give us some reasons why. >> mo's death has shaken co-workers. the owner having a tough time, and stay away from friday night's vigil. his daughter in tears thanked everyone for their support. >> to have some kind of justice for what happened here. and we, we, would look to say thank you. we all, from the bottom of our hearts. we really appreciate it. more than anybody nose. >> again, 7-eleven offering a $10,000 reward for any information leading to arrest and conviction of the suspects. live tonight.
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we are following breaking news -- a heartbreaking accident in san jose tonight. a young boy is dead after a bike accident near his home. if the happened just south of the willow glen neighborhood. at the corner of farm drive/dow drive. and arturo santiago with details. >> reporter: raj, it happened several hours ago. police are on the scene. they plan on being here quite some time now. right after this accident happened. police tell me hundred of people had gathered here on these streets. as soon as the streets cleared. police were able to focus on their investigation to find out how this tragedy happened. the traffic investigations unit is going to be getting statements from the driver and any eyewitnesses. and also taking measurements of the scene. what they do know so far, just before 8:00 tonight, this 8-year-old boy was riding on a small mini-bike when he drove out of a driveway into the street.
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when he was hit by a truck. the victim was taken to the hospital. he was pronounced dead. in the whack ake of the horribl accident, police are offering word of caution. >> when you are in a neighborhood like this, it is highly densely populated. it's dark. and the street lights aren't all functioning. that speed has got to come down below the recommended speed limit. it is not enough time to react to something like this. >> i heard like the car, stop. then i checked and there was my friend. >> police say this is very sad and extremely tragic. they also say the # ye8-year-oly was doing something extremely dangerous. riding on the mini, pocket-rocket motorcycles and laid out his own racetrack, part of which included the street. the beak did nike did not have . the boy was not wearing a helmet. the parents were notified. the driver of the truck is cooperating with police. it is too early in the investigation to say whether or
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not charges will be field against him. live in san jose, arturo santiago. police on the campus of san jose state university are investigating an attack overnight. a 21-year-old man told police he was walking near student union when approached by four to five men, one of them armed with a pocketknife. allegedly. the man had the victim hand over his money then started beating him. >> it is a little scary, the campus, students are suppose to be safe at all times. you would think. >> only so much you can do to try to avoid these things. you could go on being afrachltd afrachltd -- afraid. all you can do is go about regular life and hope you don't stumble into a bad situation. >> police sent out an alert to students about what happened. ultimately nothing was taken by from the vick temperature but his left hand was injured. in the south bay, suspicious suitcase, deemed safe. major open.
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some within left a suitcase, near snell and capital expressway. that prompted authorities to shut down snell avenue. people who live in the area were asked to stay indoors as the bomb unit investigates. the bomb unit determined there were no explosives in the suitcase. a professor in police custody, accused of killing his estranged wife. her body found along a rural road. lawrence jones under arrest in connection with his 29-year-old wife's murder. lawrence jones was arrested in l.a. where police say he was on the run. detectives say jones killed his wife in monterey and then dumped her body. neighbors say the couple married five yaerz ago. jones is being held without bail. remains of a u.s. ambassador and bay area native, chris
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stevens,a a stevens. >> are back on u.s. soil tonight. stevens went to piedmont high, graduated from cal. president obama has promised to seek justice in the killings. several people are in custody in connection with the deadly consulate attack. one-on-one with the 49ers ceo. just ahead he tackles high ticket prices. rumors about the raiders moving into the stadium. and what killed the deal in stan fr -- in san francisco. >> i'm sorry, the iphone 5 already sold out. still ahead -- when they will be available for purchase again. >> good evening, i am jeff ranierien the nbc weather center. widespread 50s. fog starting to roll into san francisco. for the south bay on your saturday. temperatures start off with the 50s. but we will see a quick warm-up, by noon. and your full bay area forecast coming up.
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not much different than hot shot ceos, what sets him apart. he wears a tie and building a $1 billion house for his team. we have exclusive behind the scenes access. the interview with ceo and owner, jed york. >> i got it in the 90s. >> reminiscent of a hollywood script. >> keep up the family tradition. >> the little boy whose grows up a die hard 49ers fan. >> who is this? >> me, 1994. right after beating the
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chargers. >> is now the 49ers boss. hollywood is far from santa clara. across the street from his modest office, is his billion dollar stadium. this, will soon look like this. but the real look of this franchise is no longer the exuberant uncle or aloof father, john york. it's jeb york who has learned from his father's mistakes. >> i think the most important thing with my parents. they love this team. they would do anything for this team. they look their privacy. they look being in ohio most of the time. if you are going to be at the helm of the team you really need to be there the you need to be part of the community. i have definitely tried to be part of the community. getting involved, charitably, in business efforts, and just, you know, going to dinner in the city, making sure people know you are here and you actually feel the city and feel what is going on, you feel the bay area. i think that's very, very important. that is a good lesson for anybody getting into sports. >> one of your biggest doubters,
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former mayor of san francisco, gavin newsom said the project is on shaky ground. why did it never work? why was there bad blood? >> the biggest thing in san francisco, the infrastructure just didn't exist. so it is easy to say, you know, let's blame gavin newsom it was jeb and gavin. there were some things we did wrong. there were some things he did wrong. ultimately when you don't have the infrastructure to support a big project like this, that's what killed the deal. >> is it difficult to deal with the fans who are priced out of coming here? >> when club seats are the first that go on sale, you read wow, an $80,000 seat license, i'm scared. that's what everybody has to pay. that is not the case. you can't let the media or reports that are driven to sort of get a headline and sensation, really deter you from the facts. that's why we have take in a really, really, careful effort and approach to meet with every single season tick it holder face to face. let them know what their options are. >> you kept the door open for
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the raiders, still a possibility? >> there is still an opportunity for this to be a two team building. it wasn't called out to be the raiders. obviously that looks to make the most sense when you are looking at raiders in this market and building a building. >> your life will be changing in 30, to 60 days. >> i am excited. my wife, got married last summer. we are expecting a baby in about a month. and i, i couldn't be happier for, personal reasons, for professional reasons, and, you know, having a great partner like danielle and new baby on the way. i don't think it gets really much better than that. >> we wish them the best. not only building the new stadium, but also building a new house for his growing family. 20 minutes from 49ers headquarters. it is likely now, jeb york will be running the franchise for the next several decades. by the way the new stadium scheduled to open, summer 2014. >> niners looking very good. more honors for the london
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olympians today. team usa visit itted the white hou house -- visited with the obamas and joe biden. athletes saluted on the ceremony on the south lawn. the athletes presented the president and first lady with the amecan flag carried by the u.s. team during the opening ceremonies in london. president obama called the athletes an example of what is means to be olympians and americans. and a couple of familiar faces got to shake hand and mingle. pictures tweeted out. do you recognize them? that was water polo star, of danville, and look, the bronze winner in judo. >> if you haven't ordered it. wait for iphone 5. apple sold out within one hour. crashing its website. sending the company stock to a regard high. that means if you haven't preordered the smart phone you probably can't get it in till october. the delivery times drew longer
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as today went on. carriers which promised the new phone on september 21st, are estimating delivery, the following week. that sets the stage for a long, lines outside apple stores next friday, when the phones officially hit the streets. >> another apple related story. this is video from inside an apple store in southern california. shows wouldbe robbers, crashing an suv through the glass. several men, jumping out of the vehicle. start take everything in sight. they ran into a few problems here. the security gate came down and trapped the car. they breck through, got a flat tire on the way out. they then stole a fix a flat kit from the 7-eleven. realized their license plate was missing. went back to the apple store and look for it. guess who was there, police were there to arrest them and take them away. move on. tense moments in southern california today. the wildfire ]. out near the famed getty museum. the fire broke out late this
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afternoon in the hills on the eastside of 405 freeway. 40 acres burned. no one hurt. the getty museum was closed as a precaution. students and staff at mount st. mary's college north of the museum also were evacuated. >> some hot temperatures around the bay and in southern california. let's see what our weekend will look like, jeff ranieri. >> upper 80s. low 90s this afternoon. warmer spots, typical spots. walnut streak. 91. livermore, 88. and lafayette, 86. a little cooling. wind from 5 to 10 miles per hour. producing onshore flow. temperatures are mainly 50s across the peninsula. also into the north bay. let's take you outside of the live hd sky camera network. what you notice here in downtown, san francisco, over the past 40 minutes. it has gotten quite a bit thicker than it was. having no problem rolling in.
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for the morning hours as we have been mentioning, potential of ear port airport delays. next 48 hours, the jet stream, conveyor belt of all the colder air and also, responsible for producing rainfall in the fall and winter. only a few 100 miles away. sign of the season, starting transition. eventually that jet stream is going to help break down the high pressure that brought us hot weather for thursday and also for most of today in the east bay. wasn't too hot in the south bay. nonetheless, temperatures above average. overall as we head into the weekend. numbers are going to be gradually going down. saturday. get familiar fog at the coast loon. no major beach weather here. chilly. 50s, 60s. winds going to start to kick up at the coast, but also for the interior valleys. find 80s near the bay. and then just a few sparse 90s expected for the extreme east bay. and also for the extreme south bay. and like, morgan hill and gilroy. sunday, cooler breezen full
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effect. temperatures look we had for today will be a mere memory as we head into next week. for 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. low clouds. north bay. also quite a bit of extensive cloud cover at the coast lean the could produce drizzle. then as we head throughout the late morning hours, going to clear out and quickly, just look today, will have a lot of sunshine here for the north bay, east bay, south bay, and also the peninsulas. though you may weak up, feel that cloud cover above. know it is going to clear out for you there. get a lot of sunshine. all right, 50 in santa rosa. 57 to start in fremont. 54, san francisco. daytime highs, saturday. should top out, little bit cooler than weep had today in the south bay. 83 in los gatos. 85, evergreen. morgan hill. east bay. still the warmest location, but not hot. no triple digits. 90 in livermore. 90, in concord. 89 in walnut creek. san francisco, stay right at 70.
11:20 pm
downtown. out of in the sun. 73, richmond. 72, berkeley. 73, oakland. quick look at the game. stanford, usc tomorrow. televised. if you are heading that way. you are one of the lucky ones. temperatures, 70s. sun and cloud. 49ers here on nbc on sunday. it will be cool with 60s and a few clouds. and on your seven-day forecast -- we seep t the trend going down. and get a break. get to open the window. even feel the nice cooler breezbreeze in the east bay. >> for us, 15 minutes from now. our weekend starred. >> 49ers, stanford or both? >> both. all the bay area teams. yeah. that was just a coincidence, by the way. >> speaking of the 49ers. won the be just 49ers fans wearing red and gold at the game. security changes. stay with us. every day, there's a new reason not to make a home-cooked meal. work, errands, a greasy bag of deep-fried easy.
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police will be dressed as fans at candle stick park. because of recent episode of fan violence. they'll be undercover looking for unruly fans. wearing the lions colors while patrolling the parking lot. and will enforce the zero tolerance policy. people kicked out will have to complete a four online class on conduct before being allowed back into an nfl game. >> now from our comcast sports newsroom. giants on nbc tonight. sellout crowd for the as. do we sound look homers, if we say the giants/as are probably what two of the top teams in all of baseball right now? >> i don't think it is being a homer. it is accurate. the two best teams in all of baseball. i said it. you said it. hard to believe. true. giants got off to a fast start in the desert. in the series tonight.
11:24 pm
something they accomplished two other times this season. we will explain with the highlights and reaction. it's all ahead. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers.
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blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible.
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>> i'm dave benz. despite owning a commanding 7 1/2 game lead over the dodgers in the nl west coming into tonight. giants were 5-7 against the diamondbacks. 27-14 against the rest of the division. so could they finally find a way to win against the team that has been the bane of their existence in the division? well, scoreless game. bottom of the third. buster posey with the bases loaded. the chopper to third. going to try to get the walk at home. beats the throw. 1-0. giants. hunter pence. grand slam. third of the season. giants.
11:27 pm
5-0. 6-2 in the ninth. romo closes out with the strikeout. giants, 6-2. and more from chase field. >> the coach gave sandoval a couple days off. three hits and a diving stop. potentially saved the game. [ inaudible ] >> arizona diamondbacks the only nl west team, the giants have a losing record against. saying after the game it would be big for the giants to come out on top this weekend. reporting from chasefield, in
11:28 pm
arizona, for nbc bay area news. thank you, jamie. in oakland, as players got a welcome surprise. prepared for the series opener against the orioles. the pitcher, brandon mccarthy underwent brain surgery last wednesday, greeted his teammates in the clubhouse. that energized the team. 1-0. baltimore. top of the fourth. and just left the building. two-run home run. 19th. third in four games. gives oakland the lead. rbi sing m. and throwing. that is the ball game. as win, 3-2. they now have a two-game cushion over the yankees and orioles. the top wild card spot. in the american league. what about the american league west. rangers/mariners. led it 6-1. when he comes up with the bases clearing triple. to make it 9-1.
11:29 pm
rangers would win 9-3. maintain a three-game lead in the al west. of course, a big sports day coming up this weekend. covering all of college football. saturday. raj, back to baseball. remember you telling me a long time ago how cool it was in 2002 when the as and giants were in the playoffs. looking forward to seeing that in, in 2012. >> going to be fun. tote low agreed. >> that would be fun. the dance move, sweeping the nation. that is coming up next. stay tuned for that day. this is an rc robotic claw.
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into american education. that's thousands of kids learning to love science. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪ he calls it dancing. the rapper stopped by rockefeller center and taught the crew some of his signature moves. and signature gallop, going crazien the night time. this wasn't the only dancing, david gregory showed off his
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skills when he waltzed around the studio with one of the winning dogs from america's got talent. >> this guy is just like. a frenzy. it's going viral. >> my gosh. >> crazy. >> with that we say good night. have a great weekend. >> bye, folks. hello?
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